Making Waves at RDLT 2023: The Rotaract Club of Uptown Cubao’s Journey of Impact and Recognition

Our journey at the Rotaract District Leadership Training (RDLT 2023) was nothing short of extraordinary. We, the Rotaract Club of Uptown Cubao, filled the UP Statistics Hall Auditorium in Diliman, Quezon City, with our passion for service and leadership, leaving a profound impact and garnering well-deserved recognition.

  1. Largest Delegation Award: We proudly stood among the Top 5 Clubs with the biggest delegation at RDLT 2023. Our strong presence and united spirit showcased our commitment to the values of Rotaract.

2. Super Early Bird Registrant: Being recognized as the Super Early Bird Registrant highlighted our club’s proactive approach to seizing opportunities and making a difference from the very start.

3. Recognition for Co-hosting: The acknowledgment of our role as co-hosts for RDLT 2023 filled us with pride. Collaborating to make this event successful was an honor and a testament to our dedication.

4. Gold Sponsorship in Partnership with our Rotary Club: As a Gold Sponsor, we showcased our unwavering commitment to supporting and uplifting the Rotaract cause. It was our pleasure to contribute to the positive changes in our community and beyond.

Our club’s leadership team was also celebrated during the event:

  1. Charter President Charlene Cajano as District Finance and Ways and Means Chair: We are elated to witness CP Charlene’s induction into this vital district role. Her financial acumen and dedication will undoubtedly strengthen the district’s projects and initiatives.
  2. Past President Princess Silva as Assistant District Rotaract Representative for Region 5: PP Princess’s induction into this prestigious role reflects her outstanding leadership during her term as president and her potential to create a lasting impact.
  3. Immediate Past President Ian Tomaquin as District Professional Service Chair: Ian’s induction as District Professional Service Chair is a testament to his passion for serving the community and his determination to make a difference.
  4. Hope Creating President Ricky Jacla as 4th Club President: Ricky’s election as the 4th Club President fills us with excitement and optimism for the club’s future. We trust his leadership abilities to guide us toward greater heights.

Our success at RDLT 2023 not only highlights our dedication to service and leadership but also reaffirms our commitment to creating a positive and lasting impact. As the Rotaract Club of Uptown Cubao, we stand united in our mission to foster positive change, spread hope, and uplift communities. Our journey continues, and we are determined to make a difference, one step at a time. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far, and here’s to a future filled with even greater achievements and service!

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